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Your Secret Weapon for Better Recruitment


Every organisation has them – those brilliant employees who out-perform everyone else. If only you could find a few more the same. Well, it might be easier than you think.  You can use your star performers as a template to …Continue reading →

Small businesses – how are you recruiting?

Throughout my time at The Test Factory, I have had the pleasure of visiting many clients and prospective clients all over the UK. The thing I love about the work I do here, possibly more than anything else, is the …Continue reading →

Testing in call centres: The ‘Bottom Line’

In the current economic climate where companies are trying to balance making cost savings with sourcing the best quality employees, the return on investment for selection tests is often put under the spotlight.  Nowhere more so than for call centres, …Continue reading →

Passing First Time

When I was at school and University, the constant dread of exams was an annual recurrence. The actual taking of exams was not necessarily the daunting factor, nor the agonising wait for the results or the fear of passing. Actually, …Continue reading →

What keeps you awake at night…

What keeps me awake at night? To do lists, unpaid bills, wondering if the hob’s turned off – I’ll lie, half-awake, wondering if it’s worth getting up and checking the cooker, bank account, unfinished list and inevitably I decide to …Continue reading →

Tests for: Compliance

As promised, the second instalment in my “Tests for…” series is Tests for…Compliance In this day and age, demonstrating compliance within the workplace needn’t be a compliance officer’s worst nightmare. The deployment of online assessments instantly demonstrates knowledge and identifies …Continue reading →

Are Your Graduates On Best Behaviour?

Graduate Recruitment has always been a hotbed of assessment innovation. The need to sift between huge numbers of applicants whose grades are falling within an increasingly tight range has led to a new breed of powerful tools that help to …Continue reading →

The Test Factory on-boards a new BA (not Baracus)

As a bit of a serial blogger in my previous job I am very happy to pick up the gauntlet and write my very first blog piece for The Test Factory. My name is Chris Nixon by the way and …Continue reading →

Online Testing- Fine Preventers, Money Makers

Since the turn of 2012, I have been personally focused on driving The Test Factory’s client list of global training organisations. This is a highly saturated yet diverse sector, with consultancies ranging from 1 to 1000 staff looking to deliver …Continue reading →

Safe Manual Handling (the frilly knicker discussion)

We recently exhibited the Safety & Health Expo at Birmingham NEC to promote a package of H&S knowledge tests we have. We went down all full of very good arguments about why H&S Managers and trainers would want to purchase …Continue reading →

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